Due to the current world situation, the YOCJ Board has officially cancelled the 2020 Finland/Baltics tour. We will reschedule to the summer of 2021. Please see the information below that was emailed on March 24th. There is also a Refund survey that will be available on March 25th. 

After much deliberation the YOCJ Board of Directors has voted to postpone the Finland & Baltics tour to the summer of 2021.

Normally YOCJ tours every three years. However, YOCJ would like to give everyone the option to still participate, by rescheduling the tour for 2021, instead of waiting until 2023.

Currently, the YOCJ Board of Directors is working with Firebird Fine Art Tours on obtaining significant refunds for each participant as soon as possible.

There will be a nonrefundable amount per person, as required by the tour company, due to airfare deposits and various ground arrangement deposits that already had been made at this stage of the planning.  Please recall your Parent/Student contracts specified there would be no refunds if YOCJ Board of Directors cancelled the trip in the best interests of the safety of students.  The YOCJ Board has made that decision to cancel the 2020 trip.

However, after negotiations with Firebird, and drawing on YOCJ’s continuing repeat business with Firebird, we have been able to obtain refunds of approximately 75% to 90%.  In the experience of our advisory board members, this compares very favorably with premium “cancel for any reason” trip insurance policies which would typically refund approximately 80%.  If you have purchased your own trip insurance, you are free to inquire from your provider if any portion of your non-refundable amount is covered.  Depending on the participant’s package, we are pleased that Firebird is able to refund the following amounts:

*For Regular Package that paid in full ($2900) minus non-refundable ($275) = $2625 refund per person

*For Regular Package that paid $2000, minus non-refundable ($275) = $1725 refund per person

*For Regular Package that paid $1100, minus non-refundable ($275) = $825 refund per person

*For Regular Package that paid $1000, minus non-refundable ($275) = $725 refund per person

*For Land-Only Package that paid $1500, minus non-refundable ($175) = $1325 refund per person

*For Land-Only Package that paid $1000, minus non-refundable ($175) = $825 refund per person

*For No Hotel-No Flight Package that paid $800, minus non-refundable ($150) = $650 refund per person

Google Refund Questionnaire-Please submit ASAP

Click HERE to access a Google doc survey link, to gather the necessary information for YOCJ to process refund checks.

Once YOCJ has received the refund from Firebird, and ALL the replies to the survey, we will be able to start processing refunds. We anticipate refund checks will be available in April.

Finland & The Baltics: The Hidden Treasures of Europe

YOCJ is pleased that we will be rescheduling our 3rd overseas tour for the Summer of 2021: “Finland & The Baltics: The Hidden Treasures of Europe.” We will be performing and sightseeing in such locations as Helsinki, Finland; Riga, Latvia; and Tallin, Estonia. The history, culture, and love of classical music in these countries are rich and unparalleled. We once again will be led by the stellar team at Firebird Fine Arts Tours.


The Firebird Presentation

YOCJ’s 2021 Tour takes us to Finland & The Baltics: The Hidden Treasures of Europe. Enjoy the sights of Helsinki, Finland; Tallin, Estonia; and Riga, Latvia in this video montage created by Firebird Fine Arts Tours, our tour company! This footage is underscored by a selection we will learn for the tour, entitled “One Nation’s Story” by the Estonian composer, Jüri-Ruut Kangur. Maestro Kangur is also a distinguished conductor, who will work with YOCJ in a masterclass during the tour!

How often do we tour?

YOCJ usually travels overseas every 3 years. Our destinations have been and will be as follows:
2014: Salzburg, Vienna, & Esterhazy, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic
2017: Berlin, Leipzig, Potsdam, & Halle, Germany
2021: Helsinki, Finland; Tallin, Estonia; Riga, Latvia

Who is eligible to attend?

All YOCJ students in good standing, who are at least 12 years old at the time of the trip, and who are registered either for the Full year 2020-2021 or Spring 2021 can register to perform with YOCJ. A unique feature of this tour is that we also welcome family members to register as well. It is a one-of-a-kind experience to tour all these historical sites, to watch your children interact with young native musicians from these countries, and to witness performances in beautiful foreign venues, all under the guidance of the experienced hands of the Firebird Fine Arts Tours!

Enjoy these scenic photos of our destinations!

Tallin, Estonia:

Riga, Latvia:

Helsinki, Finland: