Finland & The Baltics: The Hidden Treasures of Europe

YOCJ is pleased to announce that we will be embarking on our 3rd overseas tour in the Summer of 2020!

What is our destination in 2020?

Our tour is entitled “Finland & The Baltics: The Hidden Treasures of Europe.” We will be performing and sightseeing in such locations as Helsinki, Finland; Riga, Latvia; and Tallin, Estonia. The history, culture, and love of classical music in these countries are rich and unparalleled. We once again will be led by the stellar team at Firebird Fine Arts Tours.

What is the Itinerary for the 2020 Tour to Finland & The Baltics?
While Firebird Fine Arts Tours is putting the finishing touches on our Final Itinerary, click HERE for a fabulous sampling of our current information! You won’t want to miss this tour!

WHEN & WHERE is the Tour 2020 Presentation?

Save the date: Tuesday October 1st, 6:30pm at WWPHS North. YOCJ will make a brief presentation on our 2020 Tour to Finland and the Baltics, for ALL interested students, parents and families. Itineraries and important SPO students and families can attend right after the 5pm rehearsal. All other students and families can come 30 minutes early for your 7pm rehearsal in order to attend. We anticipate the presentation will run as follows:
6:30pm Firebird Fine Arts Tour Presentation
6:50pm Students from the 7pm Rehearsals will be quickly dismissed
Q & A to follow for remaining parents and families
**Deposit #1 to secure your spot on the 2020 Tour will be due on Tues. Nov. 5th.**

How often do we tour?

YOCJ travels overseas every 3 years. Our past destinations have been as follows:
2014: Salzburg, Vienna, & Esterhazy, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic
2017: Berlin, Leipzig, Potsdam, & Halle, Germany

Who is eligible to attend?

All YOCJ students in good standing, who are at least 12 years old at the time of the trip, and who are registered either for the Full year 2019-20 or Spring 2020 can register to perform with YOCJ. A unique feature of this tour is that we also welcome family members to register as well. It is a one-of-a-kind experience to tour all these historical sites, to watch your children interact with young native musicians from these countries, and to witness performances in beautiful foreign venues, all under the guidance of the experienced hands of the Firebird Fine Arts Tours!

When is the tour?

Our 1 week tour will be scheduled sometime for the last week of June through the first week of July. The itinerary and other important information will be available on this page of our website very soon. Please check back periodically for updates. In the meantime, please enjoy perusing these beautiful photos of our enchanting destinations!

Tallin, Estonia:

Riga, Latvia:

Helsinki, Finland: