YOCJ’s 10th Annual Masterclass ~ Tuesday April 7, 2020

YOCJ is excited to announce a brand new format for our annual Master Class!

We will run separate but simultaneous Master Classes this year for the different instrumental families, bringing in many professional clinicians to work with ALL of the small ensembles and the 3 string orchestras. Professional Clinicians will work with:

5pm Master Class:

  • String Preparatory Orchestra: Robert Peterson

7pm Master Classes:

  • Pro Arte Orchestra: Ruotao Mao
  • Symphonic Orchestra Strings: Nell Flanders
  • Brass Ensemble & Brass Choir: Dr. Stephen Allen
  • Symphonic Woodwinds & Woodwind Choir: John Frazier
  • Percussion Ensemble: Angela Zator-Nelson
  • Flute Ensemble: Sue Gillio
  • Saxophone Ensemble & Saxophone Choir: Lois-Hicks Wozniak

Our featured soloist this year, Angela Zator Nelson, The Philadelphia Orchestra Associate Principal Timpanist, will work with the Percussion Ensemble, for the public session. This particular session is free and open to the public, and held in the Theater of West Windsor Plainsboro High School North.

(Photo credits: Paul Arnold)

YOCJ’s 9th Annual Masterclass ~ Tuesday March 12, 2019, 7-9pm

Congratulations to our 6 selected students who participated in the David Kim Masterclass:
Kyson Zhou, Julie Cai, Joanne Bennet, Sonya Jin, Ivan Wong, and Sanjay Kaushik. Bravo everyone!


YOCJ’s 8th Annual Masterclass ~ Tuesday March 20, 2018, 7-9pm

Congratulations to our 7 selected students who participated in the Stanley Drucker Masterclass:
Rutha Chivate, Dora Leah Govorko, Aiden Homan, Rithika Iyengar, Sriram Kannan, Maxwell Taub, and Helen Zhu! Stanley Drucker is the former Principal Clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic.

YOCJ’s 7th Annual Masterclass ~ Tuesday March 21, 2017, 7-9pm

The Philadelphia Orchestra Principal French Horn, Jennifer Montone with our featured student soloists: Amelia Adcroft, Alec Berger, Selma Cheeks, Elizabeth Ferrara, Shrey Pradhan, and Adam Scherr; as well as piano accompanist Julie Caudle!
Web Masterclass

YOCJ’s 6th Annual Masterclass ~ Tuesday March 15, 2016, 7-9pm

David Kim, Concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and all of our participants: Timothy Feng, Gabrielle Lee, Ji Won Lee, Lakshay Patel, Caleb Solidum, Christine Zhang & the YOCJ Percussion Ensemble (Peter Saleh, Director): Steven Chien, David Fienberg, Adrienne Wang, & Advaith Bantval. Thank you to piano accompanist, Julie Markavitch-Caudle. WW-P High School North Auditorium


YOCJ’s 5th Annual Masterclass ~ Tuesday March 10, 2015, 7-9pm

Yumi Kendall, Associate Principal Cellist of the Philadelphia Orchestra
and 6 YOCJ cellists, WW-P High School North Auditorium

YOCJ Guest Soloists and Masterclass Clinicians:

2011 – David Kim, violin, Concertmaster of The Philadelphia Orchestra
2012 – Hal Robinson, bass, Principal Bassist of The Philadelphia Orchestra
2013 – Matt Vaughan, trombone, Principal Trombonist of The Philadelphia Orchestra
2014 – Bart Feller, flute, Principal Flautist of The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
2015 – Yumi Kendall, cello, Associate Principal Cellist of the Philadelphia Orchestra
2016 – David Kim, violin, Concertmaster of The Philadelphia Orchestra
2017 – Jennifer Montone, French horn, Principal French Horn of The Philadelphia Orchestra
2018 – Stanley Drucker, former Principal Clarinet of The New York Philharmonic
2019 – David Kim, violin, Concertmaster of The Philadelphia Orchestra
2020 – Angela Zator Nelson, percussion, Associate Principal Timpanist of The Philadelphia Orchestra