YOCJ is excited to launch the Fall 2020 Semester of our 42nd Season with these engaging Online Mini-Courses. This Semester will include an Early Fall and a Late Fall Session.

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Early Fall 2020 | Tuesdays, 7-8pm
October 6th to November 3rd

All Things Flute! – led by Mrs. Sandy Olson. 
Open to All YOCJ flute players.

Join me as we explore and play our way through All Things Flute!

1. Play some great Flute Solos written by Women Composers and learn about the women who wrote them.
2. Flute Competitions – What competitions are out there for us and how to pick the right repertoire to play.
3. Audition Preparation – How to best prepare for auditions.
4. Technique – Why is it important?  How to find the best scales and etudes to improve your skills.
5. Masterclass – Perform your current solo and get feedback.
6. Looking for a new flute?  Let’s talk brands and when it is a good time to upgrade

Composing and Performing an Orchestral Work – led by Ms. Nell Flanders. 

Open to all high school students, with priority given to previous members of the Symphonic Orchestra.  No previous composition experience necessary.  

What makes a tune catchy? Why does a particular rhythm make you want to dance? What creates a feeling of suspense and drama? How can an orchestra sound like a delicate breeze one moment and an earthquake the next? In this five-week course we will take the first steps in composing an orchestral work together, focusing on melody. We will analyze some great melodies by women and composers of color and then write our own melodies, which students will record from home. After discussing and revising the melodies together, we’ll select the ones we are most interested in developing in future sessions. This course is a fun and interactive opportunity to explore how music is constructed through creating it ourselves. 

Favorite Composers – led by Dr. Jordan Smith, Mr. Brian Woodward and Mrs. Barbara Witmer.  Open to everyone.

With many years of playing, teaching and conducting music, the YOCJ conductors have grown to love the music of many composers; but most of us have a special connection with “that one composer”.  Join us as we dive deeply into the music of J.S. Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, Ralph Vaughan Williams and the music of film composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and more!  We’ll learn about their lives, compositional techniques, historical significance and why they have a special place in our hearts.

Improvisation – led by Mr. Chris Colaneri.  Open to all middle and high school students, and all instruments.

Improvisation is most commonly associated with jazz music. However, elements of improvisation have been used in classical music for hundreds of years. Often improvisation can lead to composition. In this class I will show you how to play what’s not on the page! Not only will improvising improve your technique on your own instruments, but it will expand your creativity and take your musicality to new heights.

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