The Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey Alumni Committee is pleased to launch the “Where Are They Now?” series. This new monthly initiative will feature YOCJ Alumni interviews, and perhaps photos and performances as well! We aim to inspire our current students, showcase the accomplishments of our alumni, and illustrate how YOCJ has made an indelible impact on many generations of talented young musicians!

Violinist Steven Ridge, Class of 2013

​Alumni Committee Chair, Ruby Hanna, recently had an opportunity to sit down with YOCJ alum and music enthusiast, Steven Ridge. Steven participated in YOCJ from 2009 until he graduated from high school in 2013.

Since receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in May 2018, Steven became a music educator, first spending two years teaching at the high school level and now teaching children in the 4th and 5th grade level in the Edison, NJ school district.  He teaches children of all experience levels. When asked about his favorite YOCJ moment, he quickly recalls his senior college auditions….​