SONY DSCOur Tuition Costs:

2023-2024 Full Season:

$325 Saxophone Ensemble ONLY

$525 for these groups:
• Saxophone Choir
• Flute Choir

$750 for these groups:
• String Preparatory Orchestra
• Pro Arte Orchestra
• Symphonic Orchestra
• Percussion Ensemble AND a large ensemble
• Saxophone Ensemble AND Wind Symphony
• Wind Symphony AND Brass Ensemble
• Wind Symphony AND Woodwind Choir
• Symphonic Orchestra AND Brass Choir
• Symphonic Orchestra AND Symphonic Woodwinds

$1100 for these 3 hour combinations (discounted):
• Flute Choir AND Wind Symphony (AND Woodwind Choir)
• Flute Choir AND Symphonic Orchestra (AND Symphonic Woodwinds)

All fees are subject to change without notice.

YOCJ Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available and awarded to accepted YOCJ students with demonstrated financial need. Inquiries must be sent to YOCJ prior to the start of the Fall semester or Spring semester. Please email Mr. Pugh and Mrs. Epps at and for more information.

YOCJ Tuition Refund Policy

The YOCJ season runs from October – May. Tuition shall not be refunded should any student decide to withdraw from YOCJ after the first two rehearsals of the season. If a student must withdraw within the first two rehearsals, the Board will consider a refund of tuition after all music has been returned, less an administrative fee of $50.