Fall 2018 Registration Night

9/25/2018 • 6:30pm

All current students, new students from the June 12, June 18 & September 2018 Auditions, and all parents are to attend our annual registration night meeting on Tuesday September 25th.

The Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey Conducting Staff and Board of Trustees are excited to launch the 2018/19 Season!

1. ENSEMBLE ASSIGNMENTS for the upcoming semester will be sent as an attachment prior to Registration night.

2. The mandatory REGISTRATION/ORIENTATION Meeting is Tuesday, September 25th at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North Upper Dining Hall as follows:

• 6:30pm Pre-Registration for early attendees
• 7:00pm Pre-Registration concludes
• 7:00pm Orientation Meeting for everyone
• 7:30pm Registration Continues & Music Folders Distributed

3. VOLUNTEER INITIATIVE: We are asking each family to volunteer for 2 events or to submit the $100 buy-out option on Registration Night. LIve links & more information can be found here:


• Parents, PLEASE write out as much of your check, ahead of time, as possible. If you are unsure of the amount, scroll down below, plus there will be board members there to help.

• Location #1: Registration forms distributed/questions answered.

• Location #2: Student Contracts collected. Please click HERE, print and sign ahead of time!

• Location #3: Completed forms & Tuition checks (checks preferred) collected; “tickets” will be distributed as proof of payment.

• Location #4: VOLUNTEER INITIATIVE Table: sign up for 2 events OR submit the $100 buy-out (separate check from tuition please) — must be done on Registration Night. Live Links & more information can be found here: https://yocj.org/members/parent-volunteers/

• Location #5: AFTER Orientation Meeting only: Folders distributed to families who have “tickets.”


All proceeds go towards our non-profit organization! Cash or checks (separate from tuition & the volunteer buy-out) accepted.

• YOCJ String Bags $12

• YOCJ Water Bottles $12

• YOCJ Hoodies $35

• YOCJ Instrumental or Luggage Tags $5

• YOCJ Magnets $5

Our meeting is mandatory for all YOCJ students and parents, and is the only time all of the YOCJ students and parents will meet together during the season. At least 1 parent must attend this meeting, in order to sign release/registration forms and pay tuition. Students will receive music folders at the end of the evening, only after submission of the signed release/registration forms and payment of full tuition. Bring pens and your checkbooks! 

6. 2018/19 TUITION RATES:
$210 – Saxophone Ensemble only
$400 – Saxophone Choir, Flute Choir/Ensemble
$625 – All other students
Please make checks payable to YOCJ. Clearly write your child’s full name on the memo line.

Visit our website’s member page for all YOCJ updates!
password: yocjmembers2015

Please let us know if you have any questions.
YOCJ Conductors and Board of Trustees