Parent Volunteers

Email us with your specific volunteer questions at:

2021-22 Updates Available!

YOCJ is extremely appreciative of your amazing and generous help with the PARENT VOLUNTEER program!

1. You can either volunteer for 2 duties throughout the season
(see links below – first come, first serve)
2. Choose the $100 Buy-out option
(separate check from your tution check please, payable to YOCJ, submitted on your registration night)


*When signing up, please enter BOTH the parent name AND student name so that we can give your family proper credit on our roster.

*When arriving on site for your volunteer duty, please find Mrs. Epps or the designated board member for further instructions.

*On site, always sign the Volunteer Clipboard so that we can verify the completion of your volunteer duty.


Fall Rehearsals – Helping Hands

Spring Rehearsals – Helping Hands

String Seating Auditions – Helping Hands

New Student Auditions – Helping Hands

Concert Assistance – Helping Hands


If you have any questions, you can contact the YOCJ Volunteer Committee at volunteer@yocjorg.

Our hope is that the implementation of this policy will provide YOCJ with more consistent assistance in our activities.

**Please note: We are asking all students to bring their own collapsible music stands to every rehearsal.**

Any questions?
Email us at

Thank you for making YOCJ a successful program!

YOCJ Board of Trustees

Are you a PARENT VOLUNTEER SUPERVISOR? Click HERE for instructions.