Spring 2021 Master Classes

4/20/2021 • 7pm
Our theme for Spring 2021 is Back to Performing! We have some fabulous plans in the works for YOCJ.
One of them is our Tuesday April 20th Master Class event. Auditioning for this event is open to both YOCJ members and non-YOCJ members from NJ and PA. This evening will actually feature EIGHT Master Classes, with up to SIX students per room, to perform live via Zoom for each instrumental grouping! There may be as many as 48 students performing on April 20th! Scroll down to submit your application!
ALL YOCJ students should plan on attending these FREE online events. Invite your families, friends, private and public music teachers as well!
•High School Violin & Viola:
Basia Danilow, Princeton Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster  
•Middle School Violin & Viola:
Michael Davis, Princeton Symphony Orchestra, Viola  
•Cello & Double Bass:
Joanne Bates, Princeton Symphony Orchestra, Double Bass  
•Flute & Clarinet:
Yevgeny Faniuk, Princeton Symphony Orchestra, Principal Flute 
•Oboe & Bassoon:
Brad Balliet, Princeton Symphony Orchestra,  Principal Bassoon 
Jerry Bryant, Princeton Symphony Orchestra, Principal Trumpet 
Dr. Jennifer Bill, Boston University
Greg Giannascoli,  Princeton Symphony Orchestra, Percussion   
How can you audition to perform?
• First, be sure that you are available on Tuesday, April 20, from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. All selected students are expected to stay for the ENTIRE event. 
• There is NO cost to apply, to perform, or to attend.
• Please create a video of your selected solo performance. Live piano accompaniment is optional, but not necessary. However, please do not use a prerecorded background track.
• Please make a PDF scan of your solo sheet music.
• Click HERE to upload BOTH the video and the PDF scan into the Google Survey Form by Saturday, March 20th!
• Students will be selected by the YOCJ Conducting Staff. Decisions will be final. Selected Students will be announced by early April 2021.
Please let us know if you have any questions! We are looking forward to seeing your submissions.