“…becoming a part of another family.” ~ Wenyi Ouyang

“I unfortunately was only able to be a part of YOCJ for a year due to
commute difficulties, but that one year was enough to provide me with an incredible
experience that I will never forget. When I first joined YOCJ, I did not know anyone.
However, within days I made friends, people that I am still close to up until this day.
YOCJ was just the right place for me to better my musicianship. I had opportunities
to play at some fantastic venues such as Richardson Hall in Princeton, not to
mention the world famous Haydn hall and various other European destinations.
YOCJ boasts a panel of very accomplished band directors that are not only clearly
very skilled but care deeply about every member in YOCJ. An interesting personal
experience I had proved to me how dedicated and kind these band conductors truly
are. The year that I participated in YOCJ, we went on a European tour to play in
Austria and Czech Republic. When we were at the airport to go back to the United
States, I had some visa issues. I was forced to stay behind but not alone. One of the
orchestra directors, Mr. Pugh, stepped up to stay behind with me. He treated me as if I
were his own child. With several dozen phone calls, I was able to board a plane back
to the U.S. the next day accompanied by Mr. Pugh. I would just like to point out that
Mr. Pugh did not have to do any of this, but that is what is special about YOCJ. By
joining YOCJ, you are not only becoming a part of another orchestra, you are becoming a
part of another family.” ~ Wenyi Ouyang