“YOCJ prepared me for success…” ~ Ross Chapman

I’m currently studying music at Columbia University, where I’m taking classes in trombone, piano, music theory, and ethnomusicology, along with my English courses. I play in the marching band and wind ensemble here, and I’ve recently gotten to do some brass chamber work. I’m also working a couple jobs and writing for a campus publication – and I still have time for music!

The YOCJ provides an unparalleled opportunity to participate in advance chamber ensembles from a young age. This is invaluable experience that exposes musicians to new repertoire and techniques, and it can’t be found in other regional or state ensembles. The conductors are all wonderful, amicable, and intelligent; I became a better player every week with them. It also prepares musicians for environments where they are surrounded by other dedicated performers, like at college or auditions. YOCJ prepared me for success in many types of music at every level.